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Ladder Safety

Falls from elevated surfaces are frequently noted as one of the top 10 causes of mishaps in the workplace. Most of these accidents happen due to failure to follow fundamental ladder safety. To assist in preventing ladder injuries, practice the following ladder safety tips.

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Setting up Safely

Ensure you pick the right ladder for the job, and check the length and duty rating. Proper length is a minimum of 3 feet extending over the roofline or working surface. Inspect your ladder before, checking if any of the following parts are damaged or loose, especially on an extension ladder:

  • Steps
  • Rungs
  • Spreaders
  • Rung dogs
  • Safety feet
  • Other parts

Clear the location where you will be working. Do not position a ladder in front of a door that isn't locked, safeguarded, or obstructed. Since metal ladders conduct electrical power, use a wood or fiberglass ladder near powerlines or electrical devices.

Inspect that all locks on extension ladders are effectively engaged before positioning your ladder on a consistent surface. The ground beneath the ladder ought to be level and firm. Large, flat wooden boards braced underneath a ladder can assist in leveling it on an irregular surface or soft ground. Straight, single, or extension ladders must be set up at approximately a 75-degree angle.

When on a ladder, utilize the 1:4 ratio to ensure your safety. Location the base of the ladder one foot far from whatever it's leaning against for every four feet of height approximately the point of contact for the top of the ladder.

Use Caution

Constantly think about care when utilizing a ladder with the following safety considerations:

  • Make sure the weight that your ladder is supporting does not exceed its optimum load rating (user plus materials). And only one individual should be on a ladder at a time.
  • Keep your body always centered in between the rails of the ladder. Do not lean too far to the side while working. Do not overreach. Rather, descend from the ladder and move it to a better position.
  • Do not step on the top action, bucket shelf, or effort to stand or climb up on the rear area of a stepladder.
  • When climbing up or down, always deal with the ladder. Do not leave a raised ladder ignored.
  • Slowly step down from a ladder if you feel worn out or lightheaded.
  • Non-slip footwear must be always used when on a ladder.

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