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Safety Meeting Basics

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one of the most reliable methods to promote a safe working environment is to conduct company safety meetings. Considering that safety is our leading concern, we've collected some pointers to assist you in making the most out of our business safety meetings.

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Why Safety Meetings

These informal, brief meetings give you the chance to keep up to date on potential workplace risks and safe workplace practices, such as machinery used, tool handling, devices use, and safety-minded attitudes-- generally anything that may contribute to mishaps or illnesses in your workplace.

Meeting Basics

  • Attending safety meetings is mandatory. Be aware of what days we hold meetings, and plan accordingly.
  • Always sign our safety meeting log recordkeeping is an important part of our safety and compliance program.
  • Be an active participant. Some of the very best safety concepts originate from workers much like you since you often know the finest what and where the dangers are.
  • During safety meetings, if you have something to add, do not hesitate to speak out.
  • Notice that spills aren't being cleaned up properly or someone didn't follow lockout/tagout procedures? We need to know so that we can cover the topic at a future safety meeting, and everyone can benefit.
  • Already know the day's topic. Don't tune out as you might have something important to add.
  • If you have an idea for a safety subject, chances are others will discover it of interest too. We encourage you to share the details with your supervisor or the safety committee.
  • Have a question, like how to raise securely or check out a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? Do not keep it to yourself - there are no dumb questions when it concerns safety.
  • Don't understand all our safety policies? You can find more info on location bulletin boards or from a personnel representative.
  • Want to nominate somebody for a safety award? Contact your supervisor or safety committee with the information.

No matter your task title, working securely is everyone's duty. See you at the next safety meeting!

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