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Hand Protection: Safeguarding Your Most Valuable Tools

Our hands are undeniably the most valuable tools we possess, granting us the dexterity and precision that even advanced technology cannot replicate. Without full use of our hands, even the simplest tasks become arduous challenges. Sadly, numerous daily jobs expose our hands to risks, resulting in hand injuries that could often be prevented. Let's explore some key measures to keep our hands safe and sound.

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Utilize Machine Guards to Ensure Safety

When operating equipment, always make sure to have working guards in place to protect your hands. Additionally, if you must reach for any reason, use a lockout device on the equipment. Anytime you remove guards, replace them promptly. Missing safety guards on machinery can lead to severe injuries, including the amputation or crushing of fingers, hands, and arms.

Shield Your Hands with the Right Gloves

Protect your hands by wearing appropriate work gloves when dealing with rough materials or engaging in tasks that involve lifting and moving objects manually. Surprisingly, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) study revealed that 70 percent of workers who experienced hand injuries were not wearing gloves. Of the remaining 30 percent, some were using damaged, inadequate, or improper types of gloves for the task. To ensure maximum protection, carefully choose the right gloves for the job and inspect them thoroughly before use.

Handling Sharp Objects with Caution

When handling knives, box cutters, or any sharp objects, always follow proper safety procedures. Never attempt to pick up broken glass, nails, or other sharp items with bare hands; instead, use appropriate gloves or a broom for the task.

Avoid Rings for Workplace Safety

Although rings may hold sentimental value, they pose serious risks on the job. Rings can easily get caught in equipment or other objects, leading to severe lacerations, amputations, or broken bones. Before beginning work, always remember to remove any rings to eliminate this potential hazard.

Stay Alert for Pinch Points

Whether you're moving an object with your hands or using a hand truck, ensure that your pathway is wide enough for safe movement before starting the task. When setting down a heavy object, remain vigilant about the placement of your hands to avoid pinch points. Always be cautious and aware of potential pinch hazards.

Speak Up for Your Safety

If you're unsure about the appropriate gloves to use for optimal protection or have any concerns related to hand safety on the job, don't hesitate to discuss it with your manager. Your safety should always be a top priority, and seeking guidance can prevent accidents and injuries.

In conclusion, safeguarding our hands should be an integral part of any workplace safety program. By adhering to these essential hand protection practices, we can significantly reduce the risk of hand injuries and ensure a safer and more productive work environment.

Remember, our hands are our most valuable tools, and it's up to us to protect them with care and diligence. Leave your hand protection in our hands by calling a TPG Workers' Compensation specialist at 909.466.7876 today!

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