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Dangers of Falling and Flying Objects

Things falling from above can present a major danger, and you are in increased danger when you are under a storage location. Any sort of workplace is at risk. Consider the following events:

  • A customer fractured her hips in 2 locations when an unsecured countertop struck her.
  • A male sustained a fractured vertebra when a couch fell off the fifth-floor deck of a condominium and landed on him.

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The lives of these individuals were completely changed by falling objects.

Focus on Prevention

Follow these guidelines to reduce the danger of injury to you or a co-worker from falling and flying objects.

  • Children are especially vulnerable to falling hazards. Step in as courteously as possible if you see an unsupervised child, who lacks adult control, or is acting unsafely.
  • Regularly browse the premises for precarious situations where products could fall, much like you provide for spills on the ground. If you find a possible falling thing threat, fix it immediately.
  • When dealing with products kept in tall shelving systems, use caution. Sometimes staff members or others might try to grab items above their heads, and these items could fall and hurt them.
  • Make sure ladders are identified and that certified staff members use them.

Working on the Premises

  • Never set tools and products on the edge of a platform, railing, or ladder.
  • When operating at a height, usage indications and barriers notify those on the ground level.
  • When working at a height, do not keep tools in your pocket. When you bend over, they could slip out.
  • When on the ground, take notice of warning signs and do not stand under products or individuals.

Our Commitment to You

Falling objects do not simply hurt individuals; they injure the company, too. How? Money spent on defending against a lawsuit and sluggish sales from the negative publicity of an incident both reduce our profit. And less money for the company can result in wage and employing freezes, or perhaps layoffs.

Your security is our priority. If you have any doubt about on-site security- concerning falling items or any other concern speak with your supervisor. Keeping you and your colleagues safe requires everyone's involvement.

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