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Wet Weather and Work Surfaces

Wet weather can be a nuisance. It makes travel difficult and causes wet messes in your workplaces and structures. Additionally, the wet walking surfaces it produces both indoors and outdoors provide a significant slipping hazard for you and your co-workers.

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Areas that are wet for any reason weather-related or not are a workplace hazard. Water can come from cleaning, rain and accident spills, wet winter conditions, or activities that need the use of water. Slipping on a wet area can result in sprains, contusions and strains, lacerations, fractures, head trauma, and even fatality. And those events can accumulate to lost salaries or a claim. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to keep your group safe.

Ways of Lowering Risk

Each workspace is different, so the way you deal with wet surfaces might differ. Nevertheless, following these general guidelines is a great start.

  • Clean up spills instantly.
  • Use caution signs to determine when an area is wet or likely to become wet and remove the signs as soon as the area is dry.
  • Barricade-impacted locations where possible.
  • Check for devices and electrical currents that may not be grounded and wires that are not insulated near wet locations. Never utilize electrical equipment while standing in a wet area.
  • Place floor mats and umbrella stands at all entryways to reduce tracking in water from outdoors.
  • Be sure to wear shoes with slip-resistant soles.
  • Report any spills or wet areas that you discover to your supervisor.

Preventing a Slip

Follow these tips to avoid falling and slipping if you are forced to walk through a wet area.

  • Slow down! Rushing is not worth serious injury and lost income.
  • Take small steps to keep your balance.
  • Walk with your feet pointed somewhat outward to form a stable base.
  • Make large turns at corners.
  • Use handrails if present.
  • Concentrate on the surface you are walking on.
  • Be prepared for slippery patches.
  • Keep your hands out for balance.

Cooperate and Stay Alert

We appreciate your safety at TPG Insurance Services. If you have any doubt about the security of the place where you are working, whether it worries a wet surface or another hazard, talk to your supervisor. It takes the cooperation of our whole group to keep our worksite safe!

Stay safe out there and don't let a small mishap ruin your business! Talk to a TPG Workers' Comp specialist for more Risk Management guidance! Just call 909.466.7876 today!

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