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Keep it Safe on the Loading Dock

The loading dock can be an unsafe place as forklifts, trailers, and trucks are generally moving at the same time. There are risks for pinch point injuries from rolling doors, fall hazards from elevated docks and truck beds, and unintentional crashes between equipment and workers among other risks.

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Prevent Injury on the Dock

All workers must be alert to these risks to avoid injury. To remain safe at your center's loading dock, consider these helpful recommendations.

  • Always use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and steel-toed boots with grip soles. Use earmuffs or plugs where needed.
  • Make sure trailer lanes are marked so that supporting, parking and spotting are easier.
  • Make sure that dock bumpers are in place and working condition. Report any broken bumpers to your supervisor to make sure that they are replaced as rapidly as possible.
  • Do not sit idle on a dock. This will avoid unnecessary direct exposure to diesel exhaust.
  • Never lean on or hang over a loading dock, as you might fall off or be crushed by a support trailer. When a forklift is unloading or loading,
  • Steer clear of trailers.
  • Check dock levelers and bridges before using them.
  • Use trailer locking devices to prevent a gap from opening between the trailer and the dock.
  • Do not run any equipment that you are not trained to use.
  • Never pack trailers that are not securely seated versus a dock, and always inspect the weight capacity of the leveler before you start loading a trailer.
  • Inspect the trailer's floorboards to guarantee that they can withstand the load, the lifting gadget, and your body weight combined.
  • Keep aisles and working areas without mess and debris on loading docks.
  • Only walk in the designated pedestrian walkways.


Call your manager if you notice any safety threats at the loading dock or have any safety concerns. A safe workplace starts with being alert to potential dangers!

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