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Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

Getting injured on the job can be devastating, which is why we are committed to keeping you healthy and safe in the work environment. If you do get injured or ill on the job, you are entitled to some benefits. And it makes good sense to do whatever you can to benefit from them.

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If Hurt, What to Do

There are specific actions you must follow so your injury is effectively recorded, and you could get benefits for the whole time you cannot work due to your injury. In case of an injury or disease related to your job, follow these standards to be sure you get the benefits you are ensured.

  • Notify your manager right away. You might lose your right to benefits if you wait too long to report your injury. Depending on your state policies, a time frame for reporting your injury might exist.
  • Follow directions for treatment. There might be constraints in your state relating to which doctor you see about your injury. We will let you understand what requirements apply to you.
  • Cooperate. If you choose not to cooperate as needed, you might lose your right to workers' compensation benefits. Should you decline, we might need you to sign a form called a declaration of rejection, which shows that you did not desire medical treatment.
  • Follow your doctor’s directions. Your doctor will determine when you can return to work. While you are recuperating, we might have modified job duties for you to do. Talk to your manager for additional information.

Remain in Touch

The very best method to handle injuries is to avoid them in the very first place. Your safety and security are the top priority on the job. Do not think twice to talk to your manager if you have any issues, concerns, or doubts about job-specific safety.

Also, get in touch with the Workers' Comp specialists at TPG if you haven't already. You can call us at 909.466.7876 or visit our Workers' Compensation Insurance information page for more details. We'll help you along your journey!

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