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Forklift Safety

Forklifts also called powered industrial trucks, help us carry out essential tasks, but they are likewise rather hazardous. Driving a forklift is a major obligation and needs to be taken seriously. All forklift drivers must be effectively trained and follow all safety procedures and precautions.

Below are some of the fundamental safety practices that we expect our forklift drivers to observe.


  • Avoid raising or reducing a load while the truck is moving.
  • Always keep the load tilted back towards the carriage while raising and lowering the forks.
  • Never utilize the forks as a personnel elevator unless an appropriate lift box is in place.
  • Use reverse when using inclines and go forward up inclines.
  • Do not take a trip with the load raised and keep the load steady and as close to the flooring as possible.
  • Make sure the load is well-balanced and is within the capability of the truck.Learn how to Manage Your Risk here!


  • Always make sure your driving path is unobstructed.
  • Never place legs, arms, feet, hands, and heads outside of the truck.
  • Always provide those on foot the right of way.
  • Never attempt to turn on a slope.
  • Cross tracks diagonally and decrease speed for irregular floors and surfaces.
  • Slow down for corners, blind spots, and entrances.
  • Drive defensively by always knowing your surroundings and watching for the unexpected.
  • Never go underneath forks or their loads. Forklift fatalities are very common.
  • Never show off or use the device for anything other than your specified tasks.
  • Never offer anyone a ride or permit anybody who is not certified to operate the forklift.


  • Each day, check that the truck is prepared for the day's work and perform any essential maintenance before operating. Make sure you have a forklift operator safety checklist.
  • Report any breakdown or bad performance to your supervisor immediately.

To guarantee your safety and the security of everybody in our workplace, all forklift drivers must operate their machinery properly and with security in mind.

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