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Wellness Programs for Smaller Companies

Many businesses do not have the resources to create a complex wellness program. However, targeting wellness is essential for smaller-sized companies because an effective wellness program can reap the following benefits:

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  • Improved employee morale and increased productivity
  • Reduced general health care costs.
  • Improved employee well-being and minimized absence.
  • Attraction of employees

Though your organization might not be able to fund a thorough wellness program, you can still implement some low-cost activities to improve the health and wellness of your employees. The following are some suggestions for low-cost wellness initiatives:

  • Ask a local hospital, not-for-profit, or other healthcare company to provide presentations to your workers on the significance of a healthy way of life.
  • Ask TPG Insurance Services if your health insurance carrier offers free health risk evaluations.
  • Create a wellness committee including employees at different levels and departments to lead your wellness efforts. Start with simple activities, such as healthy eating days and lunchtime walks.
  • Make your office smoke-free.
  • Offer on-site influenza shots free of charge or at a reduced cost.
  • Provide healthier vending machine options.
  • Encourage employees to go outside during lunch or throughout their breaks for a quick run or walk. Encourage them to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.
  • Provide academic materials on the benefits of consuming well, working out, not smoking, and other healthy ways of life modifications. Ask TPG Insurance Services about the Live Well, Work Well newsletter series and other interaction resources to support your workplace wellness efforts.

As with any financial investment or task, assessing the efficiency of the wellness program is very important. There are many methods to establish the effectiveness like having metrics for the percentage of staff members involved. Conducting an employee survey is also a great method to get the employee's input about the programs.

Now more than ever employees need their employers to establish a few of these programs to lower a few of their life tension. By offering a few of these programs you will have happier employees and a greater productivity rate.

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