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The ERTC Program: A Boon for Construction Companies

In the bustling world of construction, the challenges and demands on businesses are ceaseless. From managing project timelines to ensuring worker safety, construction companies face an array of responsibilities. Amidst these challenges, the Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) present a compelling opportunity for construction companies to bolster their financial health and foster long-term growth. This article elucidates the significance of ERTC for construction firms and how they can capitalize on this valuable tax incentive.

What are Employee Retention Tax Credits?

The Employee Retention Tax Credits were introduced as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The credits aim to provide financial assistance to businesses, including construction companies, to retain their employees during challenging economic times.

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Why Construction Companies Need to File ERTC

Financial Relief during Economic Downturns: The construction industry is sensitive to economic fluctuations. During downturns or crises, companies may face a slowdown in projects, leading to financial strain. Filing for ERTC can provide much-needed relief by reducing the company's tax liability, and freeing up resources to invest in vital areas of operation.

Retaining Skilled Workforce: Skilled workers are the backbone of any construction company. Losing them due to financial constraints can significantly impact productivity and project quality. ERTC enables construction firms to retain their workforce, reducing the risk of talent attrition and the associated costs of rehiring and retraining.

Project Continuity: Construction projects are often long-term endeavors, requiring consistent labor. The uncertainty posed by external factors like pandemics or economic downturns can hinder project continuity. With ERTC, companies can maintain stability, ensuring timely project completion and client satisfaction.

Boosting Competitiveness: Thriving in the construction industry demands being competitive. By utilizing ERTC, construction companies can channel the saved funds into upgrading equipment, implementing innovative technologies, and enhancing their overall capabilities, thereby staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Supporting Local Communities: Construction companies serve as vital pillars in local economies, providing employment opportunities and driving growth. By retaining employees through ERTC, businesses can play an active role in supporting their communities during challenging times, fostering goodwill and loyalty.

How to File for Employee Retention Tax Credits

To leverage ERTC effectively, construction companies must follow these steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility: Understand the eligibility criteria for ERTC. Generally, companies that experienced significant revenue losses or were partially or fully suspended due to government orders are eligible.
  2. Calculate Qualified Wages: Calculate qualified wages for eligible employees. The credits are generally based on 50% of qualifying wages paid to each employee, up to a maximum per-employee limit.
  3. File Correctly: Ensure accurate and timely filing of tax forms, such as Form 941, to claim the credits.


In conclusion, the Employee Retention Tax Credits offer a lifeline to construction companies during periods of economic uncertainty. By utilizing this tax incentive, businesses can retain their skilled workforce, maintain project continuity, and bolster their financial stability. As the construction industry continues to navigate through various challenges, embracing ERTC can be a prudent and proactive step toward long-term success.

As regulations and policies may change over time, construction companies need to stay informed about updates and engage with financial advisors to make the most of this valuable opportunity. So, call us at 909.466.7876 and speak to a TPG ERTC expert today, or visit us at Rancho Cucamonga for a free consultation!

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