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Return-to-Work Program

Workplace injuries can impact both your financial and physical wellness. In case of a job-related mishap, our return-to-work program will assist you to shift back into your normal role as you recuperate from your injury.

If you are hurt while performing your job, the return-to-work program is developed to get you back on your feet and return to your job as soon as possible. You benefit from the program in the following ways:

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  • Maintain your income level.
  • Keep your body's strength and return to your pre-injury strength and condition level.
  • Stay updated on essential business operations, conferences, and announcements.
  • Avoid uniformity related to extended periods of home recovery.
  • Perform significant work regardless of your physical constraints while recuperating.
  • Retain your status within the business.
  • Accelerate your recovery.

Modified Duty

Modified duty work is a vital part of the rehab that enables you to preserve a specific level of activity within your doctor's recommended limitations. Modified duty work integrated with occupational or physical treatment is the very best approach for moving you along on the road to recovery.

We have made a simple yet concise summary of the program and why it matters to your company for your reading pleasure and while it is a great resource there's nothing like talking to an expert! So, give us a call at 909.466.7876 today to learn more or visit our Risk Management webpage.

In addition, modified duty is important to your effective return to your routine job after an injury. We have recognized many modified duty positions within our company. When accommodating temporary work restrictions, these positions will be thought about.

If you have been hurt on the job, we will try to position you among the modified duty positions in our job bank as quickly as we get a return-to-work release kind from your medical professional. You will be positioned in the role that best falls within your temporary work restrictions.

Your Broker ought to have the ability to help you in establishing a return-to-work program.

Be healthy and safe on the job with these handy suggestions supplied by The Platinum Group.

Learn how to Manage Your Risk here!