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Hurt on the Job?

Workers' compensation benefits are available to workers who are not able to work because of either a job-related incident or illness. If you are injured on the job and medically authorized for time off from work, you will be reimbursed for lost wages (normally a percentage of your regular wages) and all medical costs connected to your treatment and rehabilitation. So, let's look at some frequently asked questions.

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When should I report an incident?

If you are injured, notify your manager right away to file a report. This will start the process of getting workers' compensation advantages. Take advantage of your right to workers' compensation!

How will I be reimbursed?

Lost time compensation is payable during the time frame in which you are authorized by your physician to be off from work. Compensation is paid to you weekly at a rate that can vary significantly from state to state. Each state sets a waiting period before which your compensation will not be offered to you. Examine the United States Department of Labor's site ( to find out more.

What is an independent medical exam (IME)?

An IME is an exam by a physician besides the medical professional who performed your initial exam. An insurance coverage provider or employer is entitled to an IME to verify the initial doctor's medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

What occurs if I do not comply with my treatment strategy?

Non-compliance with advised medical treatment, treatment, or return-to-work plans may jeopardize your workers' compensation advantages.

How are disputes dealt with?

Workers, employers, and insurance providers can apply for a legal hearing to fix disagreements. Legal disputes might be settled either outside of court or during the hearing.

When should I return to work?

You, your physician, and your employer will coordinate a return-to-work strategy that helps you return to your regular task or a modified duty position as quickly as possible.

Alert your manager immediately if you have a job accident. A late job injury report might negatively impact the workers' compensation you receive. Be safe and healthy on the job with these handy tips supplied by TPG Insurance Services

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