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Want to Secure Your Restaurant's Future? Consider the ERTC Program

In these uncertain times, our favorite restaurants have faced unimaginable challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard, leaving restaurant owners struggling to keep their doors open and retain their precious workforce. But hey, there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon! If you're a restaurant owner, you'll want to pay close attention to the Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) program, which could be a game-changer for your business. Let's dive into why it's a lifeline worth considering!

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A Helping Hand When You Need It Most

Running a restaurant is no piece of cake, and financial burdens can feel like an avalanche at times. That's where the ERTC program comes in to save the day. This sweet program offers a way to get some much-needed financial relief. With a potential refundable tax credit of up to $5,000 per qualified employee, you'll have some extra funds to invest back into your eatery.

Keeping Your Dream Team Together

Your staff is the heart and soul of your restaurant. Those chefs, servers, and bartenders have poured their passion into serving delightful dishes and creating memorable experiences for your customers. The ERTC program understands this, and it rewards you for keeping your talented team intact. By claiming these credits, you can ease the burden of payroll expenses and show your employees that you're committed to weathering the storm together.

An Incentive to Welcome Familiar Faces

As we gradually recover, rehiring may be a challenge, but the ERTC program offers a silver lining. If you're worried about the costs of rehiring your valuable team members, fear not! This program provides tax credits for wages paid to rehired employees. So, as your restaurant gears up for better days, you'll have the support you need to bring back familiar faces and ensure the quality of your service remains top-notch.

More Restaurants Qualify Than You Might Think

You might be wondering if your restaurant even qualifies for this program. The good news is that the ERTC program has expanded its eligibility criteria. Even if you didn't face full shutdowns, you could still be eligible for these tax credits. So, if you've been hesitating to apply, it's time to give it a shot!

Double the Benefits, Double the Relief

Remember those Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans you may have received? Well, here's the cherry on top – you can now have both! That's right; the ERTC program has been updated to allow businesses to access both PPP loans and tax credits. It's like having extra icing on your cake!


Our cherished restaurants have been through tough times, but there's hope on the horizon with the Employee Retention Tax Credits program. This program is designed to give your restaurant a fighting chance, providing the financial relief you need to sustain your business, retain your passionate team, and encourage rehiring as we rebuild together.

So, don't miss out on this opportunity to secure your restaurant's future and keep delighting foodies for years to come! Call a TPG ERTC expert for more information, dial 909.466.7876 today!

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